Orthopedics Focuses on the Musculoskeletal System

The medical area of Orthopedics is a specialty that focuses on injuries and other medical concerns, such as deformities and diseases, of the musculoskeletal system. An Orthopedic surgeon has completed medical school in addition to training in orthopedic surgery. Typically he or she performs work in a clinic, as a surgeon, and may also teach or contribute to research. A doctor who focuses on the area of Orthopedics will treat a variety of conditions that affect the shoulder, elbow, hand, spine, hip and knee. Specifically these are doctors that have a focus on medical conditions such as arthritis, back pain, leg and foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other areas that are typical of Orthopedic focus. A doctor who practices in this area may have a narrow focus such as pediatric orthopedic medicine. There are musculoskeletal disorders, such as scoliosis, that are typical for a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to focus on.