An Orange County MRI is Needed for Various Imaging

An Orange County MRI procedure is beneficial for medical imaging in neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and cancer imaging. For example, those in need of orthopedic medical treatment may go in for an MRI. The procedure uses a magnetic field and does not use ionizing radiation as with a CAT scan. Patients who undergo an Orange County MRI procedure will typically be placed on an imaging table with an MRI scanner. The procedure will create data that will be computer generated and that will produce strong detail of the tissues within a patient's body. It is a procedure that is more beneficial than an X-ray. An MRI procedure takes no more than an hour and the results can be seen shortly after the procedure is completed. There are no side effects with the procedure; however some patients, such as those with pacemakers, will not be eligible. State of the art MRI is available at facilities that include highly educated and professional medical personnel.